We have spent so much time in our homes over this past year.  Our dwellings have been a place to eat, sleep, educate, study, work, socialize, exercise and much more.

But how about a place to reset and reconnect, here’s how…

  1. Give yourself a quiet place without distraction from others or devices.  This can be a separate room or even a corner of a room.  Dedicating a specific space to meditation results in greater frequency of practice.  A devoted space reminds us to devote ourselves regularly and meaningfully.
  2. Make your space comfortable and pleasant.  Natural light, adding something decorative and avoiding clutter and distraction will give your space more appeal.  A comfy cushion or chair that you associate with your mindful meditation will help you to focus and relax.
  3. A safe place to let down your guard.  In order to reconnect you must feel that you can shift your focus from outside distractions to your inner rhythms without worry of interruption.
  4. One less excuse  to not meditate.  When you have a space set aside where you meditate you only have to set aside the time, your space is there ready and waiting.

You don’t have to be a practiced yogi to meditate.  We can all centre ourselves and benefit from this ancient system of relaxation.  With a few simple words of guidance you can calm your mind and body.

Sit quietly,

Close your eyes,

Be comfortable,

Be aware of your breath,

Observe your breath, thoughts, experiences and let them go…


“Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do if you stay in the present moment.”, Deepak Chopra.

Elise 🙂