So, you’ve been given advice about reps and sets with volume and level of intensity outlined, then been asked to give the RPE of the workout???  What does all this new jargon mean???  You want to ask but are a little shy about asking well…

Here’s a few commonly used terms and phrases to farmiliarise yourself with so we’re all on the same page!

  • Reps: Short for repetitions. Number of times you do an exercises
  • Sets: A group of Reps.  Between each ‘set’ there’s usually a rest before the next ‘set’ is done.  For example, 3 Sets of 10 Repetitions.  Total times an exercise is done is 30.
  • Rest: A strategic rest between exercises.  The amount of recovery for each rest depends on what you want to achieve.
  • Drop Sets: Multiple sets reducing the weight each time with no rest between.
  • Volume: How much work you have done per workout- sets x reps
  • Frequency: How often something is done.
  • Agility: Ability to change direction quickly
  • Duration: How long an exercise or workout lasts.
  • Intensity: How hard your body is working during physical activity.
  • RPE: Rate of Perceived Exertion.  A scale between 1-10 of hard you think your body is working.
  • DOMS: Delayed Onset Musclar Strain.  That sore feeling you feel a couple of days after a hard session.  The good thing is it’s soreness that passes quickly leaving you stronger!
  • Power: Explosive movements.  Power combined with speed.
  • Endurance: Ability to sustain an activity for an extended period of time.
  • Cardio: Short for Cardiovascular.  An exercise that challenges and increases your heart rate, ie running!
  • Compound Exercise: This term can be used in two different ways.  It can mean an exercise that works multiple exercises at one time. Or, it can mean combining two exercises to maximise your effort.
  • Isometric Contraction: Contraction of a muscle without movement, ie: Plank
  • Concentric Contraction: Shortening of a muscle, ie: Bicep curl.
  • Eccentric Contraction: Lengthening of a muscle, ie: Lowering of dumbbell from bicep curl.

There are plenty more but these are fairly common phrases.  I hope this helps and, most importantly, never be afraid to ask for clarity or additional info!