HURRAY!  Grab your mat its… International Day of Yoga!

Namaste – Hello, I see you and the light within you!

Yoga.  A gift from the ancients that lends clarity and shines a bright light on our individual life paths. Poses and breathing uniting the two sides of the body at the 7 chakras.  Connecting with the body, mind, and spirit through breath, poses and meditation.

Where: United Nations General Assembly

When: June 21, 2014

What: 175 member states passed the resolution to celebrate the day as International Yoga Day!

Why:  To raise the awareness of the benefits of the ancient practice for the modern world.

The day was chosen because it was a lucky one—it falls on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Try this Hip Opener Sequence:

  1. Easy Pose: Sit cross legged. Lengthen your spine. Lean forward, staying up on tented fingertips. Pause for 5 deep breaths.
  2. Downward Facing Dog: Start on hands and knees. Curl your toes under and lift your hips. Move toward straightening your legs.  Heels toward the ground.  Pause for 5 deep breaths.
  3. Standing Forward Bend: From Downward Dog walk your hands back toward your feet. Fingertips on the mat (knees slightly bent if you need to) and forward fold. Pause for 5 breaths.
  4. Tree Pose: Place your right heel below or above your left inner leg. Focus your gaze to one point and bring your hands together in front of you.  Stay here or grow your hands overhead. And guess what…Pause and breath for 5.
  5. Head to Knee Pose: Bend your left leg and place the sole of your left foot against your right inner thigh. Extend arms skyward and bend belly and chest toward outstretched leg.  Now, please, take 5 and enjoy this stretch.

Please remember there is a reason it is called a “practice”.  It’s about meeting and accepting yourself exactly as you are that moment, being aware of your self – your light and your shadow.

So, get yourself in a twist not just today but everyday and celebrate yoga by spending time on your mat.

Rumi, “You are not a drop in the ocean – you are the entire ocean in a drop.”